Friday, February 15, 2008

Great Time for Start-Ups

In a blog called "Online Spin" David Morgan, who is EVP for Global Advertising Strategy at AOL, says he's leaving for a start-up. Why leave a great job like his for a start-up in this melting economy? Some people say that businesses started in a recession that survive usually go on to become very sound and successful. But Mr. Morgan isn't saying that.

Rather, he's saying that so much growth and change is taking place in digital media that it's a great time to be in a start-up in that space. He lists the reasons:
  • A big, growing market.
  • Lots of "white space", i.e., unexploited niches.
  • Room for geographic expansion.
  • Lots of infrastructure in place
  • Distracted incumbents
  • Uncertain economy

If you want to read more, go to his blog --

The point is that entrepreneurial people and inventors tend to see the opportunities. That's what Mr. Morgan is seeing. You can too.

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