Thursday, February 28, 2008

Getting Gadgets On TV

Are you an inventor just dying to get your gadgets into infomercials? Or are you a consumer who wonders how the gadgets get into those infomercials? Advertising Age columnist Lenore Skenazy has written a story about the guru of infomercials A.J. Kubani. (also in the sidebar).

A.J. Kubani gets his ideas from his own needs -- like the need for a portable, battery-powered light bulb that you can just stick on the wall. He also reads classified ads and searches in stores for unusual gadgets that he can license and promote. But the product still has to meet a need. It's funny how that is such an essential element for success.

He also says that it pays to advertise on boring TV shows and networks. That way, his ad stands out and grabs attention. Interesting point to ponder....
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