Thursday, February 7, 2008

Demystifying Term Sheets - Valuation

More from the CVG Jan. 24 meeting:

How do you value a company? Virtually every one of my clients asks me that. The answer given at this Term Sheet Workshop echoed the ones I've heard countless times before, "It's a negotiation." But how do you, the entrepreneur, get the best valuation for your company?

The workshop leaders said that professionally produced financials really help. For later stage companies and companies with revenues, having a CPA help with the developing the best tax structure for the company is also valuable. And while LLCs are becoming more popular, and VCs are beginning to fund LLCs, making your business a C-corporation makes the funding process easier.

For more information on preparing professional financials, visit PriceWaterhouse Cooper at:

Also understanding the process, including valuations at:
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