Friday, May 14, 2010

Mubi - A Movie Site That Might Make It

I love it when really smart people put their passion into a start-up. And that is what the entrepreneur behind The Auteurs has done. He is a Turkish Silicon Valley technologist named Efe Cakarel. Efe's passion is film -- classic films & independent films. He wants the public to have more access to such films. I say "bravo!" Just this year the son of a friend got a job working for The Auteurs, which is why the company is even on my radar.

Now, The Auteurs has changed its name to Mubi. Cakarel says it will make the site more accessible to people because they didn't know what The Auteurs meant. I don't know, but then, I can read some French. I'm always a little dubious when start-ups change their names. I've worked with two that tanked after changing their names. But they also changed management (Findwhat becoming MIVA is one example.) We shall see.

Nevertheless, I'm excited by what Mubi aims to do, and I hope it is successful. For years I've thought that the independent movie world needed a way to enable more people to see independent films. In 2005, my daughter, Drew, was an art department intern for an indie film called "Brother's Shadow". I saw the movie with her at the Tribeca Film Festival and was surprised at how good it was, despite having a budget of only $1 million. Drew's name was in the credits, which was very exciting for me as a mom. But it was also exciting to hear her stories of how they saved money. (One way was paying her with lunch, screen credit and experience - but no real pay.)

Read more about Mubi - link below.

The Auteurs is Now Mubi - Thompson on Hollywood

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