Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Believe in Yourself

When I read the story about the A's Dallas Braden pitching a perfect game, it made me think of entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs. If there is any business that is filled with people not believing in you, it's entrepreneurship. Fully 99% of business plans do not get funded by venture capitalists or angels. That means you probably have to bootstrap, rely on friends and family or put up your own money. In other words, you have to believe in you own abilities and your own ideas.

It is good to get advice and coaching. I doubt Braden could have pitched a perfect game without coaching or learning how to play well in a team. Entrepreneurs, inventors, business owners need to be able to take coaching. They also need to have a good team assembled.

But Braden has something extra. He can stand up for himself -- telling A-Rod not to cut across his mound. Maybe that strength came from overcoming adversity. His mom died when he was in high school. But he also had emotional support from his grandmother. That had to have helped.

Read the Dallas Braden story in SI. Believe in yourself.

With perfect game, A's Dallas Braden is making us believe in him - Joe Posnanski - SI.com

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