Monday, June 29, 2009

Word of Mouth Is Not Enough

A friend of mine has started a contracting business. When he gave me his business card, I asked him if he had a Web site, and he said no. "I get all my business through word of mouth," he said.

Well, word of mouth is not enough. When I hear about a business from a friend, I want to look up the facts and learn more about that business. I go to the web. My actions are quite normal in today's marketplace. That's why any business needs a Web site with your value proposition and your contact information.

Ideally, it should also tell people a bit about your background and services. This gives people comfort that reinforces the good stuff they heard via word of mouth. A Web site also enables additional word of mouth to spread (viral marketing) when a friend sends a link to your Web site to another friend.

There are plenty of ways to get a low-cost Web site. I have an ad link to the service I use,, on my Web site: Look for the link and click through to learn more. They have great templates that are easy to use. Or you can hire a professional to help you.

I've helped several of my clients revamp their sites with new copy and navigation. They both experienced increased sales as a result. Contact me, if you want to learn more:

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