Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Optimum Rewards Undelivered in Connecticut

I was excited to switch all my communications to the Optimum Triple Play. I saved $70 per month. But when the first year was over, almost all the savings evaporated. Every time I see an ad for the Triple Play or see my monthly bill, I get a wee bit miffed. But there's not much I can do, and I'm still saving a little over my old mixture of internet/phone/tv. When my friends who've thought of switching ask me about what I pay, I tell them. It seems Optimum and Cablevision of Connecticut won't tell them how much their bills will rise after the introductory year. Why not? I think Optimum is losing potential customers by keeping mum. They told me. I did the math and made the switch.

They may also be losing lots of potential customers with their so-called loyalty program, Optimum Rewards. It offers free movies. Well, I live in Connecticut. There are no free movies in Connecticut. The free movie theaters are all on Long Island, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. In my state the company is called Cablevision of Connecticut. Why can't Connecticut have free movies, too?

When I called and emailed the company with my request, I was told, "We only offer Clearview Cinemas. Can't you drive to Long Island or New York?" Driving to Long Island is NOT a reward. I asked why people in Connecticut couldn't get free movie downloads to make up for the lack of Clearview Cinemas in our state. No answer.

What are the marketing people thinking? They send me email ads touting the free movies. They advertise them on TV. But they don't deliver the reward in Connecticut. This is not how to win loyalty.

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