Friday, March 27, 2009

Builders Looking for New Opportunities

Fascinating... I know that two observations don't necessarily show a trend, but in the past two weeks, two sets of builders have approached me with ideas for new businesses. They've told me that they have lots of building projects on hold. Banks aren't lending. Everything is stuck. That's why they're looking for ways to start alternate businesses. They're taking their business expertise and their observations of societal trends and creating new businesses.

This is what I mean by entrepreneurs and small business owners getting us out of the recession. Congress is just fighting and grandstanding. The mobs are staging a revolution against the guys pulling in the big bucks. But the entrepreneur is looking for needs to fill and clever ways to do it.

The builders in question came to me to help them develop their plans. (Don't ask me what they're doing. I signed NDAs (Non-Disclosure Agreements).) They're smart enough to see the needs and to get help in areas where they lack expertise. Builders understand hiring sub-contractors, while they take care of the vision and pulling everything together. They understand the value of building a team to get things done.

That is the essence of what builds our country and will continue to create new jobs and new opportunities.

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