Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tip # 2 Continued - The Need - Win Detergent

As I wrote this morning, Tip # 2 - is to make sure your business fills a real need. I just read in the Wall Street Journal an article about the official detergent of the Olympics -- WIN Detergent.

It was developed by a marathon runner who noticed that regular detergents could not get out the odor embedded in his running clothes. High tech fabric captures the sweat molecules, and those molecules attract bacteria.

WIN detergent is specially formulated to get to and dissolve those sweat molecules. Read about it on the WIN website -- http://www.windetergent.com/our_tech.html.

This stuff, according to the Wall Street Journal and to the manufacturer, really works. I think I'll try it. Anyway, it is the official detergent of the Olympic Games. This shows that even small companies can win big. Link to WSJ article: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB121842749618229161.html?mod=hpp_us_entrepreneur#

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Larry said...

This stuff totally works. I use it on all my high-tech workout cloths and it gets rid of that nasty lingering sweat smell. I recommend it