Thursday, February 3, 2011

Best Super Bowl Ad Ever - What Does That Say About Us?

What do you think is the best ad ever to air on the Super Bowl?

Advertising Age (see below) has been running a poll, and the top two contenders are "Mean Joe Green" from Coke and "1984" from Apple. Some pundits say that the 1984 commercials established the Super Bowl as the place to air really creative, radical new ads -- and made watching ads and rating them as much as a sport as football.

Before voting, I watched the commercials. In view of the uprisings in Egypt, the "1984" commercial really spoke to me. It takes individuals to free us from tierany. Then I thought of what Apple has become, and how its iphones, ipads, ipods and personal computers like the Macintosh have us staring at screens -- all mezmerized -- and I couldn't help but think of the irony the ad holds now. They've freed us and enslaved us.

The "Mean Joe Green" commercial, on the other hand shows the power of kindness. And in our increasingly uncivil society, I long for commercials that once again teach us how to be better human beings. OK, it's a corporation doing it. But with so few people attending church and learning the Golden Rule, maybe that's not a bad thing. We need corporations and businesses of all sizes to do the right thing, now more than ever.

So I voted for the Coke ad. What do you vote for? --

Mean Joe:
Piece from Ad Age:

Coke's Mean Joe Greene vs. Apple's '1984' Face Off for Super Bowl Championship

Feb. 3, 2011

After more than a week of voting for your favorite Super Bowl spots of all time (or, in some cases, the spot created by your employer), we've come down to two finalists. Now you must choose a victor. Is it going to be the sentimental grid-iron classic for Coke featuring Mean Joe Greene? Or will it be the perennial adland favorite, the Apple "1984" spot that boosted Super Bowl creative into the stratosphere?

POLL QUESTION: Who will be the all-time Super Bowl ad champion?


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