Friday, July 9, 2010

Inventions, Entrepreneurs and Success

Last night I watched "How I Made My Millions" on CNBC. The show gave excellent capsulized stories of how people had really great, simple ideas which they turned into businesses. It's clear that it's not easy to execute ideas, but the people profiled in the show had the tenacity, passion and focus to do it. And they made millions.

I know that there are thousands of entrepreneur wannabes and inventive tinkerers out there with the big idea and the next great business. Some of you will fail because your ideas really aren't that great. Some will fail because you don't have a plan or funding. Some will fail because you just don't have the energy to take the idea to fruition. You'll let roadblocks get in the way.

But the entrepreneurs and inventors in this TV show didn't let any of that stop them. Their creations and ideas filled needs and resonated with the public. Take a look. You can watch it on HULU:

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