Monday, April 19, 2010

The Story of a Start-up

Yesterday, I read the amazing story of a start-up called EndoStim. Amazing because the start-up was completely international. The home base and the investors are in St. Louis, MO. But the entrepreneurs/inventors are immigrants from Cuba and India. The CEO is in South Africa. And the medical device, which fixes acid reflux, is being tested in clinical trials in India and Chile.

The article was written by Thomas Friedman, one of my favorite opinion columnists for the New York Times. Friedman was showing by way of this article how much the internet and other instant forms of communication can help people come together to create innovative businesses. In the midst of the financial doom and gloom of the Great Recession, you still have intelligent, perceptive people recognizing a need and figuring out innovative ways to meet that need. In this case the need for relief from acid reflux is great and is worldwide. Venture investors are constantly on the lookout for breakthrough ideas. It's start-ups like this that will help bring us into a new, better and growing economy. That is how our nation has had so much growth.

But Friedman also wants readers to know that our world, as he puts it, is "flat". Country boundaries are falling to clever entrepreneurs and investors who don't see those boundaries. They just see opportunity.

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