Monday, December 28, 2009

Plans for 2010

At a family Christmas gathering my new nephew by marriage asked how my business was going. "Slow" was my response. People don't seem to have enough money or passion to pay someone else to write or edit their business plans, I explained.

Well, my nephew is a computer engineer and extremely bright. Before I knew it, he was telling me an idea for a new business. Amazingly, the business was in a growing industry in which I volunteer -- helping people aging in place. He didn't want to start this business himself; he just saw it as an opportunity. He had had no idea that I already had a passion in this area. Soon, he was asking me questions and giving me a whole new realm of ideas. He opened up new pathways of thought for me. He started talking about me writing my own plan for a new business.

My goals for 2010 suddenly took on new dimensions, and I became more impassioned. Now, I'm thinking of taking all my years as a member of the Advisory Board for Aging in Place in Darien and turning them into a business.

Later, I talked to another computer-engineering nephew, and he spoke about the importance of focus and passion. He has realized what he wants -- what stimulates him. That is how he can perform at a high level -- doing what he loves in the right environment.

So my advice to all you entrepreneurs out there is talk to people about your ideas. Listen to the questions they ask you. Think. And get passionate. Plan and take action.

It's a new decade. Reinvent yourself to work in your area of interest with people who make a great team.

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