Thursday, June 12, 2008

Organic Growth, Gardening and Entrepreneurs

The first time I talked about organic growth with a client, he thought I was making up the term. I assured him that investors talk about organic growth. It's a good thing. You take your earnings and plow them back into the business to generate more growth in revenues.

Yesterday when I was working in my garden, I realized that gardening is a lot like growing a business. This summer I'm going to write about the parallels between gardening and entrepreneurship.

I once had an investments professor in college who used to say, "The stock market is like a garden. You have to cultivate the flowers and pluck the weeds." A business is like a garden, too. You have to cultivate growth and make sure the weeds don't take over.

What are weeds for an entrepreneur? Competitors, creditors and other complications.

What are the weeds in your business? I'd love to know.

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