Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Businesses That Made It - Platform Wars

Last week I attended "OMMA Global Expo -- Platform Wars". This was a conference in New York City for the digital media world, sponsored by MediaPost Live. I was probably the oldest person at the event. As I attended workshops and toured the expo hall, I felt as if I were at a Venture Capital Fair, only instead being populated by young companies looking for capital, these were young companies looking for customers. These businesses had made it. They had raised capital and launched.

Truly, the oldest companies I met had started in 1999. One speaker on a panel had started and sold her business, espin.com, to Hearst. Espin directs interactive media activities and advertising to teenagers. Another really cool company I talked to was Sprout -- a widget company. www.sproutbuilder.com. They enable rich collaborative content.

It was great to be around so many companies that had actually made it in the digital media space. Some were the platforms -- the high tech. companies that provide the code and the servers that makes it all work. Some helped bring media buyers and sellers together. Some offered search, others vertical marketing vehicles.

The point is that the digital media world is crowded, but people with great ideas, great management and lots of energy can and do make it.

It was exciting.
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