Thursday, June 17, 2010

Small business turns to the tea party -

This IS news. Small business owners who want lower taxes and less regulation are favoring the Tea Party. I'm all for small government. But we also have to keep some regulation and some government services.

Sometimes, we really need government. I think without government going after BP, all the small businesses affected by the BP oil spill would go out of business. They could go bankrupt. Plus, many small businesses sell to the government. Obama is making BP set up a fund to help all these business owners to save their livelihoods.

I was just in Sequoia Kings Canyon. Wow. Our national parks are a treasure we all can enjoy. Truly, they are America's best idea. Something tells me the Tea Party folks would have fought the establishment of the NPS and the creation of our parks.

Think about it. Then, read the article -- link below.

Small business turns to the tea party -
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