Saturday, June 14, 2008

Choosing Your Company Name

I'm taking a moment away from my gardening metaphors because I just read a great article about choosing a company name. The very first step you need to take in choosing your company name is to do a search on Google, Yahoo!, Alta Vista and MSN for the name you're thinking of using. If you choose something that's similar to a company that is already in business, you may be in for trouble.

One of my clients, IntellEnergy, got a cease and desist order from Intel. It didn't matter that my client used two "Ls" or that they were in a totally different market -- highly efficient commercial garage lighting and ice hockey rink lighting. After spending thousands of dollars on lawyer fees, IntellEnergy had to become IntelliEnergy. But you can still find them at

You can read more about this problem at TwistImage -- Choose Your Words Wisely. -
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