Monday, April 14, 2008

Crossroads Venture Fair - April 29-30, 2008

The Crossroads Venture Fair is coming up -- April 29-30 in Stamford, Connecticut. Now is the time to sign up for a chance to present at the fair, the largest venture event in the Northeast. I was a judge for last year's fair. We had to turn down half the companies that applied to exhibit and present. Let me give you some tips for when you fill out the forms:,
  • Use full sentences that make sense.
  • Ask someone else to read over your responses before you send them in.
  • Make sure you answer the questions asked.

To sign up for a chance to present, go to:

You'll see that there are many categories. Fill out the form for your business's stage:

2008 Connecticut Venture Group Funding Applications:

PRE-SEED and SEED STAGE Funding Application (R&D or Proof-of-Concept Phase)
Apply here if your product, technology or service requires funding for further development or testing, patent protection, or you require assistance to complete a comprehensive business plan, or other resources before you are ready to start up.START-UP Funding Application (Ready to Launch)

Apply here if you have a business plan, a proven concept or product, a management team identified, and are ready to start up.EARLY STAGE and EXPANSION STAGE Application (Sales < $5,000,000)

Apply here if you have started up and have annual sales under $500,000 [EARLY STAGE], or sales are over $500,000 but lest than $5,000,000 [EXPANSION STAGE].LATE STAGE Companies (Sales > $5,000,000)
Apply here if you have annual sales of at least $5,000,000.

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